bulldogsIf you’re looking for a dog that will go on runs with you a Bulldog is not the best choice for you. Bulldogs, for the most part, are laid back, smooth and easy going. The heat is the Bulldog’s worst enemy. An air-conditioned home is required if you live anywhere that summer temperatures get above the mid 80’s. They tolerate cold weather well, within reason of course. Bulldogs love going for rides in the car, and napping in the sun. They must have plenty of love and socialization, and will offer you the same in return.

Bulldogs are very alert, even when they appear to be sleeping. They can rise quickly if all is not well! Bulldogs will generally get along well with children, other pets and people.

They are by no means considered a guard dog. They will, however, protect the people they love and will offer some security.

The Bulldog is a medium-sized breed and belongs to the Non-Sporting group of dog breeds. They do well in a home or apartment setting. Bulldogs have a short-haired coat and do shed some, but the shedding will be less of a nuisance with regular brushing. The folds and wrinkles of the face should receive daily care. It is strongly recommended that you locate a veterinarian with plenty of Bulldog experience so that your dog is assured the best care for his unique anatomy. Bulldogs often require c-sections for delivery of their puppies.

The average life span for a Bulldog is 10 years. Of course, that depends on diet, exercise, health and other factors. They can live more than or less than 10 years.

When you get your dog, remember to look at the spay/neuter option. If you plan on this, it’s best to have the procedure done by 6 months of age. However, it can be done reasonably safely at a later point in the dog’s life. The breed is registered with the American Kennel Club simply by the name “Bulldog”, though there are many that still refer to the breed as the English Bulldog. It is not a serious deviation of terms.

There is the cost to maintain the dog, an expense that will continue for the life of the dog. Always start with a good quality healthy puppy with a health guarantee.