How To Buy A Bulldog

The number one rule to buying any dog is stay away from puppy mills. The typically puppy mill bulldog will spend its entire life in a 18″ x 18″ crate birthing litter after litter, while severe health issues go uncared for.

How do you spot a puppy mill puppy? No one is going to admit to being a puppy mill, but here are a few tricks to seeing past the facade.

  • Stay away from pet store dogs. Most of them come from puppy mills and, even the ones that don’t, often have emotional and physical problems by the time they leave the cramped quarters of the store.
  • Look for quality, not quantity. Any reputable breeder will not specialize in more than two breeds.
  • A reputable breeder will also be happy to show you ALL of their dog facilities, including the nursery and kennel. They will also be more than happy to show you the dam and sire (if the sire is owned by them).
  • Check your local shelters. Many of the dogs at shelters are purebred puppies. A quick and easy search on will give you the run down.

Bulldogs are an expensive breed to acquire, the price ranging from $2000-$3000 for a good pet quality dog in most of the USA. A great option for the person wanting a Bulldog, but who can’t afford a large sum for the initial purchase, would be a rescue Bulldog. There are many local clubs, animals shelters, rescue groups and other organizations that have Bulldogs needing a second chance at life.

  • Remember, in most cases you get what you pay for, so beware of those selling Bulldog puppies for a few hundred dollars.
  • You should also stay away from people trying to sell “Mini Bulldogs”, Bulldogs registered with a foundation you have never heard of, puppymills, pet stores, brokers, and dogs that just don’t look like they are Bulldogs.
  • Show quality dogs could be priced several hundred dollars higher. Also, much depends on how the contract/bill of sale is written.
  • Co-ownership, pet/show quality, or full ownership along with possible puppy (s) back plays a role in the price.

Other sources for purchasing bulldogs: