About Bulldogs

bulldogThis site is dedicated to providing information on how to train and care for your Bulldog.

The Bulldog, formally known as the English Bulldog, not to be confused with the French Bulldog, is a medium-size breed of dog that originated in England.

The bulldog is a heavily muscled, thick set dog, typically about 53-75 pounds in weight. It stands about 11-17 inches high at the shoulders. Its short, smooth coat usually comes in Red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow or washed-out red, or white, or any combination of these colors.

The dogs are known to be gentle, friendly, and adoring, with a mischievous dose of stubbornness, the English Bulldog is incessantly loyal to its family.

It usually gets along well with other animals, is particularly fond of children, and does best indoors. Highly spirited as a puppy, the English Bulldog grows up to be a calm adult. The breed prefers not to exercise, can easily overheat, and is prone to drooling and snoring.

The French Bulldog, with mostly similar traits, originated in France and has perky ears.


The bulldog’s appearance attributes to specific health issues. Breathing issues can be prevalent in the breed due to the shape and the shortness of muzzle, which was originally bred for gripping. In particular, bulldogs are known to snore. In the United Kingdom, some dogs can be prone to interstitial cysts, which are cysts which form between the toes. These cause the dog some discomfort, though they are treatable either by vet or an experienced owner. Other problems can include cherry eye, certain allergies, and amongst older bulldogs hip issues. Bulldogs have extremely strong jaws and are capable of suspending themselvs off the ground for over an hour by their vice like grip.

Because of the large heads in proportion to body size, puppies are frequently delivered by Caesarean section as they can get stuck in the birth canal during natural birth. However, it is not uncommon for a bulldog to whelp naturally and successfully.

Training your Bulldog is not to be underestimated. While the breed seems laid back, it can also be stubborn. Training your Bulldog with basic commands from the moment you bring it into your home helps to keep both you and your Bulldog healthy and happy.